Aussie Self-help Writer Tim Denning SCORES HUGE on Medium with His Take on Crying LI CEO

I like the Tim Denning I read. Never met him, but I've read a lot of his short posts. He's prolific.

Happy he's healthy -- Denning's recovered from mental illness and massive confusion, married a woman who brings out his best qualities, and now they are expecting a baby. There was some drama last month when they all caught Covid, but they recovered, seemingly without any real concern about future complications.

While some were making fun of the LinkedIn executive who posted a selfie of himself crying after he had laid off two hardworking employees in a reshuffling based on an estimation error about which the manager felt responsible, Tim thought the new meme through.

I really like what he wrote!

Here's the closing sentence:

Call me old fashioned, but I still think you can get far in life by just being ridiculously kind.

Now can we flash back to that silly story I passed Bill McKeever and how bent out of shape a few corrupt Dartmouth alums became when they realized they had greedily done something truly unforgivable about which others could not know.

STEAL from Ben Woodson's estate and harm me.

Because only I among the non-corrupt could identify all the assets.

Yep, Andrew Farley sure was lacking in kindness.

More than that, too.




Endless visual sexual assault! No refuge anywhere from incest and chronic flagrant domestic abusers!

We all make mistakes.

Few are this huge.

But even with all of that bad road behind me now, I return to the idea that being kind is basically what makes real civilization, community, marriage and family actually work, even imperfectly.

Dr. Robert Crowell was a bad man.

Jack Weingarten, Andy Fastow, Dunham Jewett, Stuart Bell, and some others from 1997-98....MUCH WORSE.

Their true and despicable natures were just very well hidden.

The end.

May justice be served, and kindness restored as a popular and enduring value, instead of waiting in ambush and being just plain nasty!


Defunding FBI won't fix that, but corruption inside the Bureau is how all of this perpetuated and exploded.

I don't like Freeh or Mueller, and have little respect for Wray, although he certainly seems somewhat less fundamentally out of touch.

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