Boys Will Be Buttercup: US Navy Sanctioned Drag Show Profoundly Annoys Anti-Woke Military Theorist

Updated: Aug 3

There is this LONG tradition of men playing women's parts in theatrical skits and operettas while at sea.

I hate dumbing down.

It's not exactly apples to apples, because the Buttercup scene that comes to modern minds is Matt Damon playing Edward Wilson in The Good Shepherd.

Wison's not a sailor, however. He's at Yale, on a university live theater stage in the months just before the U.S. enters World War II.

So maybe with Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans-type cross-dress costume acts, we have thus far lost the best part of such camp both recklessly and needlessly.

I dare go even further and speak of tradition!

Who doesn't love Gilbert & Sullivan?

ESPECIALLY performed a little badly, yet with some finesse and elevated taste?

Perhaps we could raise the tone of today's sailors in skirts skits?

As regards The Good Shepherd -- partly filmed in Maine in a mostly unidentified spot like the fabled secret enclaves of Skull & Bones\ -- I still think it's the best spy film ever made.

How proud "Bobby" De Niro deserves to be!

The Good Shepherd's a filmic tastemaker's solid first choice among many fine cloak & dagger cinematic specimens.

Even capably held above all the remakes of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

As regards shows, I think we can counter with a lil' ole rodeo gal!

Here in the other grand old opry, we're reliably open-minded.

If sorta snooty, like one of our best-loved in-physical-form departed only, the brilliant Stephen Sondheim.

The late composer worked free of charge for the global intelligence community.

Some smart capo demonstrated an ability to just respect the workaholic introverted loner, who grew up trusting music a whole lot more than his narcissistic mother.

Happy to say he died married to a handsome loving younger man, leaving behind an estate worth $75 million, divided about 20 ways, and a legacy that lives on, not merely in musicals.

Back to drag show catwalks and other interpretations of "mandatory fun" in the U.S. armed service branches.

I don't automatically agree that by drag shows alone we lose our true and noble spirit of competitiveness!

Not in the profession of arms, camp followers, and other forms of non-governmental organizations, formal and otherwise.

We grew up with loads of strange and saw repressed people blossom in later life when they finally figured out they did NOT have to entirely abide by unfulfilling and uninteresting superficial societal norms.

Most of which are inauthentic.

Nor do we squander our competitive and ready-to-roll nature really anywhere else.

American classrooms, workplaces, hospitals, and lending establishments are gender and identity battlefields for sure.

More bad stuff goes on than mere prejudice.

The rich-ish white men actually do sometimes steal or try to, from women and minorities.

Sissy men in uniform? Some of those fellas get raped. By "straight" men who just want to be sadistic.

Same assholes are bad to women, too. Ready willing and able to make threats and deploy intimidation.

It's overdue to look again at the terrors American military men are STILL needlessly inflicting on women. Because they have deep-seated emotional and boundary issues. Greed foremost!

Some of what the author who is offended by the USN drag show isn't saying is about how extreme the problem of hetero domestic abuse of females by male veterans has become.

It doesn't occur to him it's a HUGE problem.

He likely just LOVES The Jennifer Show!

Free p---y leer and also torture theater. Silence really does equal death, and gaslighting is not only extreme abuse but it's become a sick addiction of evil nobodies who delight in perceived permission to behave casually like entitled monsters.

The violence and financial narcissism of increasingly rude American military veterans impact far too many of us!

Most civilian women are both vaguely proud of, but also kind of done with, a lot of the male veteran knows it all flexing, as it's usually combined with the occasional entitlement to strike, shove, or otherwise shit upon a "pincushion."

How fundamentally intractable an entitlement.

See that a-hole in Atlanta, who claims he did wrong because my former husband told him a case study. Greedy murderous gossips who failed all levels of reality checks on the magnitude of the error snowball they were creating, this while also lying to Mike Bloomberg about a racket Stuart Bell seems to have been running.

We know the male military veterans are not all bad.

Still, there's also a domestic violence and sexual assault TRAGEDY spiraling down the drain because of white male baby boomer (former) professional killers.

Ivanka says she was shoved by an irate General Kelly. I tend to believe her, having the relatives and olds I do.

The more infantry types did not grow up with the co-ed elite school systems or Title IX, and possibly the usually more chivalrous manners of the American South. Naturally, there are extreme exceptions to claiming Southerners are gentlemen and Northerners are rude.

But legitimately called out male veteran misbehavior makes them VERY "defensive."

So much so that they tend to go on some kind of a "shut up bitch" march.

How easily they revert extremely to one size fits all, black-or-white binary, dimensionally limited chevron-Chavon thinking.

Possibly we as inclusivists don't want or need to unnecessarily mix our metaphors and the impact of ribald self-interested individualism on a bit of not entirely preposterously frivolous art!

Not that I would greenlight anything so sexual when there are loads of a capella mancave bands who can work Chelsea gentrification magic when it comes to impromptu set design.

A flair and a practiced skill with many other applications!

Being nice and sweet today.

Do right by all. The chips will fall.

One for all and all for one.

Don't be mean.

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