Catholic "Jackals" Profit from "Online Wrath Economy", Youth Led Far Astray from Christian Teachings

LOG OFF, says Fr. Jack Butler, a widely admired American Jesuit author.

  • Jack Butler, Jonah’s former research assistant at the American Enterprise Institute, has some good advice for Catholics—and everyone: Log off.

  • “Technology has made our lives better.

  • But it has not altered human nature. In fact, it has exacerbated some of human nature’s worst tendencies, including the desire to sin,” he writes for RealClearReligion.

  • “If there is one sin most endemic to Twitter, it is wrath—wrath produced in ourselves by learning of things that anger yet don’t really affect us; wrath spewed forth from ourselves toward some chosen foe; wrath at our own wrath.

  • In this, it is deeply unhealthy, and un-Christian.

  • Yet there are some voices, even Catholic ones, who profit from the wrath economy.

  • These jackals have discovered that the platform rewards their anger, that pettiness there beats piety, and that exhibitionism on it beats out restraint. They have earned great followings.

  • Worse yet, many Catholics, especially similarly overly online younger ones, have come to admire and even to imitate such voices, seeing in their performative outrage evidence that they are responsive to the supposed demands of this moment.

  • But so many of our era’s maladies arise from precisely this kind of behavior.

  • Thus, good Catholics are led away not only from the civic virtues that our republic requires, but also from what Catholicism itself teaches.”

Here's a blast from the past, when Butler and his fellow Jesuits expressed joy at one of their order being chosen Pope.

Pope Francis, the former Jorge Mario Bergoglio, was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires before elevation as head of the global Catholic church in 2013.

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