Engineer Namesake of Rick Simpson Oil Didn't Set Out to Become a Medical Marijuana Solvent Icon

In Bangor, there is a husband-and-wife distillery of culinary solvent ethyl alcohol and related products.

Meet Scott and Jessica, owners of The Northern Maine Distillery, makers of the hottest buy in this category.

The product in the bottle on the right is a really fashionable national foodie favorite with many other uses.

It's like WD 40 of pure grain spirits, cleaner than Everclear. Some metallurgical and other artsy uses, too.

Most people use culinary solvents for herbal tinctures, scents, remedies, and tonics.

One way to extract a resinous oil from marijuana involves steeping the bud for a while in the purest vodka-like spirits you can find.

Back when medical marijuana was rare and tricky, this man figured out a non-smoker's way to extract a very particular vibrancy of oil from a top plant specimen.

His way is the same as the Picts only with a lot better hooch.

Anyway, Rick Simpson Oil is VERY famous in a certain world, including cannabis equity investing.

Rick Simpson wasn't really this hippie type AT ALL.

His name on the brand of a first-class beverage would mean A LOT if you ask me.

More than Paul Newman and Jack Nicklaus, maybe!

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