"Everything Wrong with The Smartest Guys in the Room," SO Worth a Re-Read After the Epstein Reveals

Also The Panama Papers and Mossack Fonseca.

Some really great writing here!

I did a small event for Linda Lay when I worked for The Macy-Behlen Group, but I did not meet her more than twice. Luncheon I think. Fundraiser. Maybe at The Remington? Ma Maison??

I also served as Enron's news clipper. It was not as efficient as it is today, now that we have search engines.


More blast from the past: a 2006 article on sympathy for Ken Lay running dry in San Francisco.

In Houston, people were picketing in some places. It was like a bomb had struck.


More on Linda Lay, who played the widow's sympathy card. Ken basically killed himself by stopping taking artery-clearing heart medications. She claimed she had a right to keep personal property worth at least $13 million in declared value.

It was common back then in Texas for shady people to also keep some spare dough in collectible weapons, loose gemstones, and bloodstock. Two of the three on that list are USUALLY protected from bankruptcy seizure. Exceptions have been found, but really only when it looked obvious from the purchase timing that the acquisition's primary purpose was to shield some wealth from debtors and angry shareholders.


Reid Weingarten is Jack's nephew or cousin. He was Jeffrey Epstein's final lawyer.

There is a lot of unearthing to be distributed now, and it is devastating for the scum who used me.

May justice be served on ice.


Whatever it takes to undo this insane abuse that was so much fun for skanks, predators, bad cops, and hicks who think they're slicks.

I'm SO NOT trying to control other people in some nefarious way. Not at all. Simply do not have that personality type. What I knew for sure however is crime must meet punishment and that man on the above right has so much blood on his hands as well as stolen MAJOR assets. The respectable front is exactly that, a facade.

The LEB airport staging is now fully connected with people who would be absolutely furious from my old life, including a retired and now possibly deceased FAA safety director with whom I flew twice I believe.

Anything travel or airport safety might get woven into whatever.


WE WANT ANSWERS ABOUT DECEMBER 2000 and Jay Gould Harvard '86 knows something.

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