Facebook, TikTok Ban Andrew Tate, a 35 Y.O. Romanian American Who Advocates Women Are Property

Updated: Aug 23


How creepy is this guy?


Okay, so he's a misogynist. He's also a walking threat to the young women he dates.

It's not necessary from afar to give this unhumble fellow too much attention. We also don't actually know his background.

As for young women in his target age of18-19 -- "so as to leave an imprint" -- I would STRONGLY suggest staying away.

He's entitled to his views and free speech, to a degree, and what he wrote isn't as bad as what Dartmouth College actually DID and perpetuated.


A female president replacing weak ass current Dartmouth President Phil Hanlon, the human trafficker, isn't enough.


Abusing women can be a form of homoerotic signaling.

Furthermore, I'm not some wild deviant from many traditions.

But the domesticity bargain is that men are supposed to protect and support females, not rob and rape them. That IS how The Jennifer Show started.


And where is THE REST OF THE EFFORT, which now CLEARLY requires banning hostage pussy porn after the incendiary damage The Jennifer Show has caused?

It's all now proved to be based on lies and to create a diversion from insider trading, ETF accounting fraud, estate swindles, as well as an impossibly lucrative data sink.






I'd think VERY hard about whether anyone from these organizations should even be freely walking around.


Open season on predation. Made into a game.

Seems most men in America are now in fact now fully drenched in "rape's okay" plus other dehumanizing criminal behaviors directed mostly at women. Express real enthusiasm for gang stalking and sex slave etc. exploitation.

Epstein ideation. No consequences for kiddie rape. The actual expansion of horrific abuse into formerly off-limits areas.

Some young men aren't into abusing women. They are extremely concerned about consent. As for generalizations about personality cast into an ironclad attributes list, that doesn't work very well. I know a lot of vain materialistic men. Unfortunately.

I've broken away enough from that whole tawdry Houston scene to think that the best thing you can possibly do is marry young, ideally someone your parents select for you who is also agreeable to you. Then stay married and probably completely exclusive. Push aside morality for a moment and reconsider the value of peace and cohesion, as well as sanctuary. What was once an American ideal, even if often observed in the breach among those with bad habits and discretionary income...is super cool now among many of the brightest, most emotionally healthy young people.

I think that's GREAT.

We would all like to live our lives over again in some ways.

I would certainly have preferred a different mother and for my parents to remain married to each other. My father really did have it rough in that marriage and the bullshit afterward was unreal, too. He wasn't the bad guy. He should, however, have pressed for my mother to be institutionalized. Houston was SO CRAZY they could not recognize extreme signs of mental illness and actually do the right thing. I think our situation was so bizarre that overriding the Christian Science umbrella creating a moat between my mother and a psych ward was exploited by some genuinely horrible people who get off on frenemy betrayal and corrupting youth. It really was a legal necessity. Unfit mother. Okay, that's a harsh sentence, but she was, and never once did Mary actually get the help she needed. Instead, she attracted monsters in disguise. Namely, Liz, Vernon, Bob, Jack, Gregg, Smelly Shelley Bennett, and, worst of all, her stepson Wyatt.

The one who reported to Epstein pal Jes Staley. It is a clear track to MAJOR financial crime if not international terror. Certainly money laundering.

All this "struggling with monogamy" -- of course I get it!

But the dating landscape finally changed ENOUGH via disease and revenge porn to make clear DANGER travels closely with what was arguably a bad idea in the first place.

Open marriage in all its forms.

I wake up screaming every morning. I've asked for rape trauma care. It's treated like a joke. I asked a cop a month ago. He was afraid to break ranks wearing a bodycam.

Like many others, I'm afraid of an American government so aggressively engaged in domestic terrorism. Others are too.

There may very well be a coup.

I'm not organizing it.

Looks to me like the MAGA people may be. I have a hard time believing there aren't a few Real DJT blackmail sex tapes, but attractive adult women have not been throwing themselves at him for decades. Before he was president, I was pretty much a Trump fan. I just didn't like his presidency very much. Worst years ever for me. Thought I was dying, had horrible surgery that went clinically well, but then I spent most of 2018 onwards screaming after I found out my stepfather, classmates and former husband could see my vagina and had been the ones interfering with everything.

Also that the rape problem at SJS and METOO could not possibly include me. That was far too decent. You see I'm the scapegoat for all female Jewish rage. How dare I exist. Well Liz...I'm asking THE WORLD to now demand that of your granddaughter LOLA. That chick's pussy imaging should be publicly broadcast for 25 years in Woodson Dennis payback. Lots more human degradation, too.

Another thing I learned was that Dickman had banked on hearsay that made no sense, hence, he was not read in on the real JCWDF dossier.

"They threw you away!" was one inane thing he wrote me, as if he were the expert on my marriage and divorce. Oh, how I love that he had rewritten history and with a not possible situation for intel. To continue hiding the origins and asset timeline problems with The Jennifer Show.

Nothing Shitman plotted went right.

All poison fruit of the Enron tree and a narcissist's projection that gaslighting is education or therapy.






There was no real beginning of me reading pipeline. It ran parallel with my entire life. I knew some stuff about Norway by the first and second grades. Met biathletes and oilmen through relatives and closest family friends who were also affiliated in some way with American General, the University of Houston, or Rice University.

There is a supporting anecdote about a social studies project that was fairly involved. Second grade. My best friend in that class was Adam; we sat next to each other, and sometimes he would give me sweet little gifts, including a JFK keychain.

Each student chose a country and taught a class, providing culturally appropriate refreshments.

No, I did not choose Norway because I knew a funny woman from Minnesota who had graduated from St. Olaf's and is as Norwegian proud as it gets in America.

Didn't hurt, but knowing her (I no longer respect her) was not the compelling reason behind my choice of Norway.

I was helping the family biz in a little tiny way, but a pattern I continued capably.

But I could not tell my blabbermouth mother.


Really. Just an insane amount.

Now I tell the truth meticulously and almost everyone around me lies, cheats, manipulates, and waits in ambush. All I know is this won't last. We are asking for destruction.

You are NOT RIGHT with "the Lord" if you are a The Jennifer Show consumer who is not on an analytical defense analysis and corroboration verification team. You are just shoving in because it's fascinating to you.

I read Dr. Stanley and he gives great advice. Whatever is going on with the sex scandals and the Southern Baptist Convention, he's at an adequate distance.

But I'd be much more inclined towards respect if Dr. Stanley would just stand up and be counted firmly against non-consensual porn!

I changed. The abusers did not. The predation is WORST EVER.

Also, demand for The Jennifer Show is at an all-time high, because people KNOW there is a giant security problem running parallel. Like 9-11 serious. Like Elliot Cutler as Maine's governor kiddie porn dire. Like TEOTWAWKI.

Back to being tsk-tsk about crass fornication.

It's easy to be too righteous about stuff in which you are not inclined to participate, and for me, that is most certainly sex.

So I don't care to be.

I'm sure I have forgotten whatever I once found appealing about shagging!

No interest! Not at my age, publicity level, nor attraction the quality of the men who would try right now, before the inevitable flip flop.

No more feeding hostage porn or sick male egos in any way. Celibacy is easy, but you have to make certain decisions about what you want. Earlier in life, I most definitely wanted to be a mother, and The Jennifer Show thwarted that.

Growing up, I was hit on 100 percent in Episcopalian settings but not in Christian Science or Baptist. St. John's School was filled with sexual misconduct and it was treated as a hot secret.

So maybe I'll be a war intel "Mother" and try to keep as many people as I can a little safer and better fed.

Now in 2022, I don't believe it's safe or advisable to be alone with a man in a confined space unless it's some kind of a must and then as secure as you can make it. That was always true traveling abroad, but now it's an axiom of daily life in modern post-pandemic sex for sale everywhere America.

Befouled by endless Internet porn and extremely blurred lines on fact versus fiction.

I think one can safely assume most men are badly intentioned towards females.

Sometimes sexually, more often financially.

I married a man who treated me like an object. I tried to work within his rules, but they kept changing.

We did not tell everyone, but we knew our marriage had a fundamental problem. Three real tries were enough. Then an easy divorce, same lawyer, no ongoing anything. But Andrew could not let me go, and what happened next is EXTREME.

The maybe rare exceptions to men as evil rapist predators reveal themselves quickly enough. And it's really rude to throw all men in the same sinkhole as Marines United and it's General Idiocy leadership failure.

But OMG do you have to be careful about men you do not know!

ESPECIALLY older guys if you are a female under 25!

Don't put yourself in risky situations! Not worth it.

But I'm almost 58 and used to think dating was fun, not basically rape in better wrappings. I'm not so sure anything is real anymore.

Good luck and best wishes if you have found a soft place for tender emotions. Nurture and appreciate that.

I hope the abortion bans are really supported by much stricter penalties on sexual assault and coercive behaviors, especially by family, friends, and teachers.

In Texas.

Where this is a known problem and a huge skeleton in St. John's School's closet. The Lovett School, too. Now a complicit male with some good qualities but who nevertheless was like "oh Jennifer's a raging useless pincushion, Blowhard Badman Wicked Shitman knows the show" is the new SJS loser headmaster. He accepted a bribe. I'm on his ureter forever.

I will eventually bring down St. John's School.

It's a really terrible place that has minted super huge problems! Theranos! The Jennifer Show!


I tried to run away from them and look what happened!

Is Jack Weingarten sick or what? Apparently, he bragged about raping me as a child.

Social media banning is not enough.

I was bumped off LinkedIn for accusing men in the military of cruising for board seats and using influence to land MIC deals.

I know.

That shitbag in Atlanta got really upset (always his steady state -- rage rage rage) when I mentioned this on LinkedIn. The final straw!

Because it's so true.

Both Peter Pace and David Petraeus grew up looking enviously over the river at Wall Street and dreaming of ways and means to become Big Swinging Dicks. Only to be super alpha, they had to physically kill people too, and later, just support slow suicides, deceptive homicides, and grotesque civil rights abuses for women especially.

Same story for General Idiocy, only he was sort of the poor kid from good stock with expensive tastes and huge hunger for power and control. BULLSHIT he's self-made. He STOLE the money that paid off his student loans and provided his first investment nut. From us! This is what was really going on. Clinical NPD and worse.

These were the architects of the American NeoCon wars that failed.

It's not all their fault, but greed and insider trading as well as the fantasies of putting deals together have proved the nation's strategic undoing.

What I think everyone who can might best do is keep a low social media profile. Certainly do not post lingerie pictures or worse. That's really asking for trouble.

I don't believe in being alone indoors with men at all if it can be avoided.

In my case, having achieved safety for almost three decades, the vagina visual assault began with illegal surveillance and OSHA violations AT BLOOMBERG NEWS.

Before starting Bloomberg, Mike may have been stealing from clients or targets he identified through his previous gig in investment banking, from which he was fired in a golden handshake deal. Allegedly Mike was widely disliked. But people always say stuff like that.

Good subject for investigation. Did the investment bank have to pay people off to stay quiet about how much they were skimming? We knew about the front running. That's an unfair trading practice that's hard to prove and if I need to elucidate, I'll do so in another post.

Then I was emotionally abused, assaulted, and subjected to hospital terror.

I'm doing as well as I can. Really.

One thing that has really helped is trying to stay away from men like this...and they're everywhere.

But, you do NOT have to invest personally in them.

Andrew Tate may not be very appealing, but he hasn't killed anyone, and you can, in fact, probably shut him completely out of your life.

But as for your teenagers...I'd be worried about more of the same "real men abuse women" messaging.


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