Feeding America: The Atlantic's Astoundingly Poignant Diary of Three American Families Facing Hunger


One long summer day...

Re:Think sponsored and created the illustrated feature, exquisitely rendered, like a digital update of The Grapes of Wrath set in real life, real-time imploding middle America.

Here's where to donate to help the millions of kids living with a grandparent and in otherwise precarious situations in which food scarcity is a daily battle that could lead to lifelong developmental challenges.


(If the citation isn't good enough, to clarify, the link above is to content published in The Atlantic online edition that was not produced entirely in-house. I will learn more but suffice it so specifically clarify that it is NOT my work. It's someone else's labor of love and craftsmanship.)

The new poor and now socioeconomically stagnant or in decline.

Inspiring, if alarming.

Hunger always portends civil unrest.


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