Hotel Worker Exposes Dark Side of Super Rich Sex Parties! Human Trafficking, Blood Stains, Worse

Some wait until the cleaner is IN the room to start actual fornication, as they want a hostage who has to squirm, adjusting competing motives, to watch.

Do whatever! I think it's nasty but I'm not into sex.

Moreover, I'm not a sex party.

I do intend to be a fuck machine.

Just not personally.

I don't want to touch anyone, nor be touched, either.

If I could snap my fingers and make it so, I'd rid earth of The Jennifer Show voyeurs. I'm done with all of them. Period. No exception.


Furthermore....if you admit to child sex abuse? You should die. No in-between.

Obviously, there has to be due process. Otherwise jokes would be a death sentence.

You know, like Racer X.


Sick sick trickster slime peddler. Kills far better people for their money. Acts like he's so Big Green and patriarchal when he STOLE the dough from Ben Woodson that paid for his grandkids' college tuition. And that's exactly what that SOB did.

I've never stayed at a probable sex party, although technically I've certainly attended one, just not this raucous. Ages ago. Possibly actually with Andrew. Whatever. Houston. Youth. Left early. No story.

I think I got pretty serious all in all around age 26.

What MUST be done is MAKING NO MEANS NO.

I'm not Mike Bloomberg's forever employee.


Bloomberg BLEW what he had in me as an eager and once happy employee by failing security. He was letting things get crazy. People from outside the company were spying on Bloomberg employees without any license except he was enabling this.

This is when you know there really is a deep-rooted problem with men who gossip and meddle.

Mike Bloomberg decided to take calls from my relatives. That's just not right.

But Jack Weingarten???

We are dealing with some real stretching to find any reason in the world Jack Weingarten could should or would call anyone near me about anything.

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