Not Enough Revenge in the World for The Jennifer Show: Fort Bragg Sexual Assault SOB Gets Five Years

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That was followed by actual sexual assault and horrific catfishing, none of which I understood at the time. I do now. It took a million tracers to put this all together. Unthinkable, really, the illegality and impulsivity.

What EVERYONE needs to know about 2022: one in ten "people" online is a sexual predator or interested in acquiring amateur nudes, exchanging sex videos, along with images of people being abused. More than half the people on dating sites today are IN relationships and just looking for a side piece or to possibly trade up, or at least fantasize about doing so. Probably a quarter of men who say they are single are married. Most romances that begin online today last 2-6 months, that is, unless it's part of the hookup culture scene. Sure, some great happily ever after endings start online, but it's actually rare.

Only in the senior and faith-specific online dating niches are the statistics more encouraging.

Another problem is men approaching women and children online through social media including job sites. Duh, watch out for anything Tinderish, which you should use with maximum caution, if that's your risky idea of fun.

But oh, to have been an Olympian in 2012. (That was apparently INSANE.) All those perfect athlete bodies and a new technology that had not revealed a creepy dark side yet! It was made for the Olympic Villages right then! It was apparently dating deluxe, and not too crude, either. Like actual relationships were born of swiping right on an alluring profile.

Writing to strange females has become too exciting and interesting for cruiser types. While it's possible there might be some legitimate reason to chat, mostly, that would likely be handled better another way. But most of these reach-outs from unknown entities just want to test the reaction and if they can incite a reply.

In most situations, a female probably should not.

Think about your own motives, too. Are you looking for (false) affirmation and validation? Bragging about stuff you have or did recently to show off? Are you flirting, and if so, why? Boredom is not a quality reason.

Don't play games with people!

All in all, one is safest with the least possible fame.

Only once in a Black Swan event incident count is the inverse true.

Here she is.

I remember saying as much to McKeever. "I have to make myself so conspicuous now..."...

Former Portland Maine Police Chief MIKE CHITWOOD MUST TALK!

Produce the "Mary Woodson Crowell is a problem" tape for Global Q.

Still, blaming horny and misogynistic white men for everything that is wrong in the world is certainly inaccurate.

Women do lots to make the world unsafe and angry, too.

So back to online communications with people you do not actually know, possibly not even natural living human.

Suggesting ALL "men" are likely to pose a downside risk isn't fair, although men ruined the Internet's initial promise via the advent of non-consensual female nudes being broadcast, including without the subject's knowledge or consent. The big case study of that is The Jennifer Show.

It's too broad a generalization to portray males as the only online predators.

Not the whole situation.

Although there is much more online abuse of women and children online than there is of adult males.

There are a lot of smallish financial scams run by women, especially those seeking to steal money from the elderly. My mother got into one. It's just awful. Mary absolutely was stealing from Ben, and her best friend's husband found out about that and blackmailed her. And stole, too, only she was too drugged up on pills and placated by fawning to figure out the Weingarten/Fastow/Crowell treachery.

But that takes us to the next HUGE PROBLEM.

The bad example set by the United States Marine Corps!

Marines United is regarded as an epic and hugely problematic case study of leadership failure. Seemed like a good idea at the start...then it went wild. Can't be stopped. Who can say how much Marines United effectively contributed to the rash of war rapes and horrible images of male-on-female abuse we now see, in particular, right now, coming from Ukraine, where the rape of women -- but also MALE prisoners of war -- is allegedly rampant?

Click on the link above.

Replace "racial slur" with "ATM CARD, clickbait goldmine, diversion ploy, and 'pincushion.'"

Then make the obvious connections.

To the OSHA violation to which I was subjected while a stellar newish employee at Bloomberg News. That's where the gaslighting onslaught began. My mother called me at work. It was extremely strange and strained. Told me she had just hired Gregg Steffen to help her after what I had revealed at a family dinner in Pittsfield in front of Wyatt and Bob Crowell.


MANY TO ENRON. Which was making a lot of news, and spending a ton of money while talking all kinds of strategies...but not yet suspected of the kind of accounting fraud that endangers brands, executives, and pensions.

Especially Joe Allen.....Enron's Texas-based lobbyist, and a man of considerable charm and substantive background. Someone who had not been on my mind for many years. But he was married at least in a legal sense to the daughter of a famous artist with some intel connections, and Allen had actually been "Soldier of the Year" while serving in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam conflict, in which my late former father-in-law had also achieved both acclaim and notoriety. It's probable Allen and General Farley knew each other slightly, but I'd never mentioned Allen's name to "the General," a "mustang." I'd not seen Joe since 1990. Last time kiss-kiss pleasant. Maybe Kyle was around.

Let's get BIG MOUTH HC CFO of extremely dubious reputation to mansplain CQ again and also why he was the expert on my story stack, apparently with little input except from people like Texas Monthly writer Mimi Swartz.

Swartz wrote a messy book of half-truths about the rise and fall of Enron with Sherron Watkins, who was NOT, in fact, how the Enron fraud unraveled.

It looks to me now that many knew and the big reveal of Enron's massive fraud was timed very precisely.

Look up the dates and put it all together.

One month after the Twin Towers bombings.

Now back to targeting an individual, usually a whistleblower, for "extrajudicial punishment and human degradation."

MIKE BLOOMBERG and Dr. Jennifer Michaels have a LOT of explaining to do.

Nothing illegal, unusual, or extremely eccentric was going on. I had not had any kind of a psych issue in the wake of existential fear and paranoia that whatever was stalking me might be linked to a bad beating I had survived in Singapore. The actual event that effectively ended my non-working marriage. I was shaken, but NOT having nightmares, nor did I feel unsafe on the whole. Not in my apartment on the Upper East Side nor near Bloomberg's offices in the neighboring town of Plainsboro, in what was pritnear a company apartment complex and a good starter place to live as a beginning news employee.

The extreme anxiety and terrorist-like happenings came fast and furious after Wyatt found out about Ben's money.

We know this is all linked to financial fraud.

Intellectual property theft? HOLY COW.

Never been anything like The Jennifer Show.

Larry Summers WAS HUGELY IN ERROR five years later, the jerk.

Human trafficking and blackmail.

The very best at the FBI and CIA were not consulted in ways where they could speak freely and safely.


I'm well. No glaring problems, just methodically peeling much back and identifying corruption, destruction, and obstruction of justice. Doing good stuff and nice to everyone. No terror blackouts, no constant vomiting, don't have to constantly pour over body language as to whether I'm recognized.

It's all about how can I PERSONALLY make the most of my time.

What can I do to promote goodness?

Also, being of a somewhat millenarian mindset, certainly getting right with the real Higher Powers.

Whatever they are.

That plural singularity most certainly does not include Wyatt Crowell, Andrew Farley, David DeLuca, both Paul Balsers, Bill McKeever, and Mary Pope Osborne.

Glad I know that the gang stalkers' ultimate goal is to make the targeted individual VIOLENT.

Erratic behavior and nervous breakdowns probably can't be entirely avoided -- the provocations in my case were at one point in excess of 100 a day -- but "no violence" for me is the easy part.

Not bad at de-escalation and charisma, also. Can look people in the eye like General Bradley, which is a good thing indeed.

Especially now that I can get later violent situations directed at me...corrected.

For example, I was assaulted at Wheelock Terrace. No doubt. No excuses work. Hanover Police Department. Now aware this is blowing back and up.

Because several cops in Maine are in serious trouble. Murder for hire. Four locations are known and blown. Follow-ons now sense risk and the sea change, as in, something about recent headlines links to CIT, Jennifer, and terror. Also, she can teach foreigners English, and wartime rules and programs could go into effect any minute.

One of them isn't do all the crap stuff Mike Bloomberg told you to do so you could steal someone else's thunder and be part of many problems.

There really are strict Constitutionalists.

I am not in charge.

The gang stalkers' and stonewallers' excuses are "well it's just a job and the order came down."

Yeah they know it's not legal, but so what, the show must go on, and anyway, to petty, rather pathetic men, I'm allegedly just a drunk slutty bitch who thinks she's really smart and tough.

They're also suddenly Ivy League and Rice University experts, in a way I find poorly informed. Also unrealistic. That current board has to go. The president is awful. That admin should have been cut. This is not how you make things launch, sister.

Think also about who and what is yammering loudest...

Also, who failed their prime leadership age moment to be authentically courageous in the ways they purport to care and steer.

Or even get accurate and perceptive with their facts.

C.u.n.t.s really are the most easily manipulated.

There is no cannot understand normal thinking quite like the mother of a male classmate who also happens to be of Nazi descent and has a certain kind of violently competitive Teutonic blood.

Unvera Trashima. I know, but, it's true. One of the real low spots. Peaks Island problem. Washington & Lee, too, via son Charles, my former SJS classmate. Super unimpressed. Bad dad. Charlie, you're a wanker. As Dr. Peter Sullivan turned out to be, also.

Unlike Unvera, I'm not a cruel, meddling, or gossipy person. Not weapons trained.

Nor about to go against a few very basic rules.

Guidelines I truly believe make for better decisions and situations.

Even when law enforcement and the justice system have been bought off by a predatory perverted plutocrat deploying circular logic.

I can take heart in the BLATANT FACT that most of the perps are MALE SCREAMERS and VERY PUBLIC. Wife-ofs are assessed accordingly and long considered a problem when it comes to appropriating their husband's alleged authority to cheat, harm, or invalidate another female.

Also not very attractive women who clearly don't have enough to do, or for whom triggers of their own traumatic pasts transfer nastily. They get off on being scolds, fakes, busybodies, or just plain dangerous. Loads of tacky bad acting around here.

So let THE Q CLEAN NEW REPUBLIC types deal with the perps. The better part of the hidden credentialed class. Whatever's been collected. We're always regrouping A-team and replacing ourselves. Trying, anyway. She is not a success who has not created a successor.

God, one hopes, also.

Can't make that happen! But sure I pray. I hope the right way sometimes! Right now it's about world peace. Concerned like everyone else the nuclear weapons chain of events could trip a trigger, including by seizure of controls by a domestic lunatic.

I write not of Florida FBI raids.

But what's with all of that, including lurid tales of a drunk bitter Rudy Giuliani stumbling through tunnels leading to Mar-A-Lago?

Making legal representation deals predicated on payment on the come when there was no real winning?

Real DJT "owes" Rudy about $2.5 million by one accounting. They disagree on this matter, and it looks unlikely now to go forward.

Something recovered from Mar-A-Lago allegedly has to do with crime prevention and prosecution, and there is reason to believe I'm in that file. I have connections to The Donald through Rick Remsnyder and to Rudy via David DeLuca one-off and Pat Oxford. Whom I loathe.

So even as worried as I am about Snowball 23, I can STILL be a fertile field for expanding kindness and raising awareness about the pernicious problem of violent, sexually degrading leadership.

Bad to worry. Wrecks the beauty of the present. Isn't constructive. Only truly worthwhile when a loved one is in peril on the sea or something like that and you're waiting for surgery, rescue, or the operation to end.

Peddling non-consensual NUDES and other incidental pornography for enrichment purposes?

Not the activities of Jennifer Cook Woodson Dennis Farley.

Hah. I'm in the art department. Not a porn star. I'd like to TRIPLE XXX the Weingarten clan, however.

Sly, too.

And mostly recovered from a TBI that is now so obvious, and it was in fact reported clearly in real-time, so we are back to what frauds were committed at Good Samaritan and Berkshire Medical Center. In addition to abuse. There was outright falsification. And terror.

First do plenty of harm!

Let's talk again about the clock and more at Good Samaritan.

We get to the New York Attorney General Elliot "Socks" Spitzer and his awful then-wife, "Slimy" Silda.

Forgeries are a kind of art. Except when they're too cheap and quickly created. You know, like "Call Me Eleanor, and Call Hubby A Gal."

Sometimes I appreciate a good fake. For example, when I'm being one, which is extremely rare. Acting is not much required now in my life. Only if I put myself in such a situation. I hate that lying is polite. That's a form of insanity, not that you should go around without a filter.

Uggh....strangers with a sense of power and no's 100 percent among the hoi polloi. But not QUITE everyone is that, and those who do not have a lot more power than lame asses who can't or won't distinguish causes and effects very well. Or have another processing issue.

In fact, I can only think of one complete episode of make yourself ridiculously conspicuous that has really worked.

But "Mindhunter" and "appeal to the insatiable need for narc supply and trope stereotypes" was how I got that jerk. I stayed alive, although I was beaten up further. And now I will be inviting others to inflict disappointment and other forms of pain on his associates and accomplices.

You don't want the director of a museum condoning fakes, art thefts, or appropriating the creative assets of a vulnerable minority. In fact, a wonderful precedent has been set on this.

But New York has a problem. At the Museum of Modern Art.

MOMA has a really well-admired director, Glenn Lowry. When Lowry turned 65, the famous New York art museum changed the mandatory retirement rules to allow him to remain in place for another five years.

Many in the MOMA community want disgraced financier Leon Black -- Epstein pal, former Dartmouth College trustee -- and his wife Debra to distance themselves from the organization. So far, nothing. Acting as if. But the blowback is ever louder.

The same is being said about Lea Weingarten Fastow's cushy art dealer career and post-prison lifestyle which is now considered suspiciously funded due to her father's illegal activities. Ben Woodson's dough underwrote that user's legal fees and her son's Dartmouth College tuition.

This will hurt.

Just not me, further.


The Jennifer Show was all predicated on hiding crimes linked to Enron.

Andy Fastow is a direct link to terror.

PLEASE DISTRIBUTE IMAGES OF THE BARBARA BUSH LITERACY EVENT ARTWORK FOR WHICH FRANK MARTIN AND I WON FIRST PLACE. Walter Hopps did not receive official credit, nor did he contribute narrative art ideas, but he facilitated the entire process and even held fabulously anecdotal educational confabs during the construction of the photographic monoprint at Frank's studio in Houston. Across the bayou from American General. Rarified and intellectual meetups to which my relatives were invited and chose not to come. Jealous and uncurious...then.

NOT LATER! Has John ever not been an expert? And has anything good ever come of listening to his lies and smears?

So typically John & Tracy Dennis. They cared a LOT about that piece of art, and the connections, but only LATER! When they were scheming thefts and selling relatives. For personal gain. I'd like to see the end of Choate Rosemary Hall Class of 1982. Something terrible created Tracy. I suspect coach rape.

Remember, in the end, greed fails even the greedy.

Also the murderously jealous.

First Place, Investigative Reporting, Press Club of Houston...and Liz & Jack Weingarten were beside themselves with enormous greed and envy when they figured out what Ben Woodson had accumulated as well as a way to steal some of it. Lied or conveniently forgot much of what would have caused reasonable hesitations and caution to proceed with crime at least carefully. What a foul case study and it is all true. Despicable and dirty, just like Liz & Jack in every way. Malignants.

It is horrible, and not my problem to fix.

Liz Tarlau Weingarten's VAGINA must be PUBLICLY EXPOSED AS WE ENJOY WATCHING HER GET IT CLEANED OUT IN A MIKVAH. Not like there is one that could possibly do the job.

Remember, I was raised a Christian Scientist. This was a faith-based assault.

I ALSO KEPT TALKING ABOUT "people behaving strangely after concussions, being chased by a man with a handgun, and simultaneously knowing stuff I could not source but also not being able to remember certain basic things, like what had recently happened."

I had some background in head injuries because we knew what was happening to the football players and other professionals who regularly were hit on the head.

The Jennifer Show is a HUGE problem for Jews in America. Because of crap the Weingartens alleged. While a CAMERA was on my MUFF!

It is VILE. So are they. I have no patience or tolerance for pussy leer America. It's lost all workable bearings.

This deserves to be very rough, and I am made of better stuff.


Don't look so forlorn! You were warned! You knew it was wrong! It was LAUNCHED BY A PEDOPHILE WHO BRAGGED.


Hit back hard, and hit 'em in the pussy crack. Day and night. NEVER RETREAT. WE MUST DESTROY THE PUSSY LEER LAUNCHERS. Nothing filthier than incestuous hostage porn all stemming from murderous domestic abuse. One of the reasons our marriage failed was that Andrew kept threatening to kill me and my father, and no real reason was given, except that we were both just such assholes. ???

Again, not mine to forcibly conclude.

Their hate crimes. Their lewdness. Their decency intrusions. Their pernicious destructions of boundaries, cooperation alliances, and safe havens.

We are going to see Dartmouth College finally bleed green.


But hate is not the answer, nor is additional pussy leer exploitation.

SOME retaliation is required.

Although making it not possible for Weingarten women and others to EVER hide their private parts is my idea of a lot better effort than a yellow star or an imaginary red letter A, a story which was really skewed and taken out of a flex situation reality. So that stuff doesn't work. We grew up with an idea that it might. Or kind of just look the other way and be a little flexible. There's a work reason we're together, and you know it more than he does right now, or at least you perceive the awareness of that unequally.

What matters really is that JUSTICE is SERVED.

AVENGE BEN WOODSON! He was murdered, and this is known.

Also, there's a real problem in David Phelps.

Former Ft. Bragg Substance Abuse Counselor Sentenced for Sexual Assault

WILMINGTON, N.C. – A former Ft. Bragg substance abuse counselor was sentenced today to 12 months and one day in prison and 5 years of supervised release, for sexual contact without consent. Harrell Lenear Jamison will also have to register as a sex offender. On April 8, 2022, Jamison pled guilty to the charge pursuant to a plea agreement.

According to court documents and other information presented in court, Jamison, 48, was a substance abuse counselor for the Substance Use Disorder Clinical Care (SUDCC) program at Ft. Bragg.

During a session with a patient, Jamison undid the pants of his 20-year-old victim, put his hands inside her underwear, and rubbed her groin area. When the victim asked him to stop, he said, “be quiet, you’re fine.”

After attempting to drive away from the appointment, the victim pulled over and was found crying on the side of the road.

Michael F. Easley, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina, made the announcement after sentencing by Chief U.S. District Judge Richard E. Myers II. US Army CID investigated the case and Assistant U.S. Attorney Brad DeVoe prosecuted the case.

Related court documents and information can be found on the website of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina or on PACER by searching for Case No. 5:21-CR-404.

In a pleasant sign of a better future coming, without the United States Marine Corps, St. John's School, Dartmouth College, and more...STARING now requires verbal consent at a nightclub Down Under.

I'd be raking it in on fine for violations, and I never go to nightclubs!

I'd like a nickel for every time a Millinocketer has explained me to me and more! None have had it correct yet! Especially the harassment cops, one of whom I am really hanging out to dry for extreme and excessive interest in me that he endeavored to monetize and even expand.

Because I made some weirdo mad because I was female and "he had seen what women like me tried to do before."

There are plenty of bad memories around here over a national park prospectus pitched by the founder of Burt's Bees.

Had nothing to do with me, but raging at women became a local axiom, and the scruffy dudes developed a real taste for it.

They all think they're Dartmouth assholes in the Marine Corps who lied about absolutely everything from 1998 onward, I guess.

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