Team "Start at the White End" But Seriously Admire the Classic Style and Colors. Candy Corn!

Updated: Aug 26

Allegedly candy corn is the most hated food on common lists RIGHT NOW.

Broccoli sprouts being about eight on a ten scale.

Candy corn was the first widely available commercial candy made and sold at an affordable price as America was shifting from farms to cities. It's classic and nostalgic.

Also, just fun to regard.

I like the way the "pudding" above looks, and wow, look at that creativity!

Personally, I try not to eat much candy and as little high fructose corn syrup as possible. Age and awareness of insulin, although I'm not diabetic.

My productive vegetable garden changes everything!

Pleasantly. What can I make with backyard crops I can lift or pick?

Right now I'm curing potatoes I cultivated. Had a really good harvest. I will plant even more next year, God willing.

Potatoes, cabbage, rapini, kale, lettuce, and tomatoes have thus far given me the most return on effort and investment.

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