What High Achievers Today Incorporate & Understand that Toxic Contagious Assholes Do Not: MH Break

Updated: Aug 23


If you are running around trying to manipulate and monetize everyone around you, in particular, if you are repeatedly taking aim at women and people who are vastly more sophisticated than you are in terms of travel, education, and resume..others know.

While I'm not exactly afraid of my neighbors, I don't think they make the workable ethics cut for situational awareness.

For example, the same people and thought chain that led to the closing of the paper mill almost two decades ago still don't give one cluck about the pain they cause "The Magic City," allegedly once the wealthiest town per capita east of the Mississippi.

Narcissism is epidemic and some people chronically exert an ineffective flex.

Narcissists believe their own lies...up to a point.

Then they get angry and unpredictable when the charade of the false self is removed. This is different from certain necessities of being in character for concealment of little things someone like me actually knows (knew) about discoveries, code words, or goals that have the potential of shaping international relations. I would LOVE to be interrogated on international television with full biometric hookups and tell everything I know and describe in what order I made certain tactical decisions and the trigger words I used repeatedly to signal.

If I was a trauma alter, and I'm not sure if I was or not...I'm now wholly integrated if it's a tad shaky.

I've put a lot together without anyone explaining stuff to me.


The Paul Balser mansplaining and Wyatt Crowell lies are self-evident and loathsome.

I'm taking a subdued mental health break, just by not tackling more new stuff or exposure to people who are on the verge of fracturing.

Going back to school for the fall. Online AMAP. Wholesome, creative, fiscally responsible, anything that endeavors to protect women and children against the ghastly sinkhole of non-consensual nude images used for monetized clickbait, Mike Bloomberg's super sick The Jennifer Show "medical experiment."

That short evil man now has taken several records, the most enduring of which will now inevitably be rage against The Jennifer Show in incendiary blowback.

As regards going "back to school," lots can be accomplished as regards certifications and credentialing. Like getting bonded. Buying an insurance policy on yourself doesn't cost much, and getting yourself bonded is a sure sign of quality intent to protect the material assets and intellectual property around you.

Dartmouth College should now be denied bonding, period. In all ways. No trust. Total bust. An unsafe environment surrounded and beholden to an evil apparatus of lies, sexual harassment, and implausible denials. All tracking to Stuart Bell, Jack Weingarten, Dunham Jewett, LEON BLACK, and that raging professional killer in Atlanta who blames everyone else for the crap he actually did.

Epic fail, that camera on my muff.

Take it rough!

We are made of better stuff!

Almost everyone on earth is better than the pussy leer scumbags who murdered my maternal grandfather and exploited imagery of my vagina from inside my homes. To conceal embezzlements and create a drama diversion while the extent of surveillance tracking was concealed. Also, King Asshole Loud & Proud's obsession with my story stack, the value of which was neither secret nor unknown. It just wasn't Dartmouth alumni property! Except of mine. Grabby!

But then it was as if the appropriators and hostage takers had decided they'd created it, which of course makes no sense.

That's the mentality of the disaster led by the self-described "servant leader" from Atlanta. Who is whining that the ever-louder criticism of him will cost him his security clearance. Something which should have happened in 1998.

Ridiculing law and order, or generally advertising cosmic jealousy....not a good look.

But more than that, flaunting bad behavior foments nasty conversations and extreme personal attacks, normalizing character assassinations on speculation.

We are all being rated constantly for positivity and consistency. What's wanted are people who have some hope and are willing to share with others politely. Not misery spreaders.

This break I'm taking from figuring out who took bribes comes as I'm also working on my weight and strength.

Also, I can make a pretty good list of names right now.

Deploying a personal grooming bump up, too. Not that I'm too frumpy. But new streaks, bleached teeth, daily facial masks, polished nails, and so forth.

The divide between sloppy and polished speaks volumes about whether you are taking care of yourself capably.

I'm just not being a sad sack bitter Mainer wide-ass. Keep those blue jeans away from me, please. Not my thing at all, and one reason is ill-fitting cheap denim pants tend to look terrible on women over 35. Don't kid yourself. Few mature bottoms can carry the look off with any style.

Since we are in a real hot water moment as regards whatever unity of purpose we once had as Americans and even human beings, it seems truly like a fantastic idea to do a little or a lot less in public and tend to one's own health and appearance goals.

Speaking for myself in the third person.

This toxic antiquated idea that "it's only psychological abuse" has exploded into "you are a career criminal in league with committed swindlers" is rocking medicine all the way down the line.

Bye-bye gaslighter quacks!

With law enforcement and the DOJ also facing accusations of domestic terror and flagrant willful error, perhaps everyone who is well-intentioned could cool off the vulture know-better.

I remain firm in the belief I can live to see Mike Bloomberg arrested for The Jennifer Show.

Will he remain in prison?

Not likely for this alone.

Will people on the take regret their choices?

What do you think is going to happen when we all have to shore up some level of community cooperation and civilian defense?

That sleazy takers matter more than replicable leadership based on eternal verities, whether or not you believe in God, but even just the tepid American civil religion?

To justice, and the containment, but not illegal abuse, of those whose behavior is so dishonestly egregious it has created widespread disgust.

And it certainly has.

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